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  • Fred Reichheld: The Ultimate Question

    Fred Reichheld: The Ultimate Question
    Reichheld is THE expert on Loyalty. In this third book he gives a blistering indictment of the kind of corporate behavior that leads to what we experience as buying dangerously. Read chapter one and cheer. Read the rest to find out what his somewhat simplistic, but challenging solution is. (****)

  • Al Ries & Laura Ries: The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR

    Al Ries & Laura Ries: The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR
    "Advertising has no credibility - it's the self-serving voice of a company eager to make a sale." But PR, they say, is much better.... (****)

  • Paul Ormerod: Why Most Things Fail

    Paul Ormerod: Why Most Things Fail
    Ormerod is an economist with serious credentials who has become a leader in the growing mob of non-conventional economists. In this book he presents "The Iron Law of Failure" (according to the cover - actually this is hard to find - its not in the contents nor index, its on p. 222) and applies it to business and governments. From the cover: ".. he also makes it clear how desirable social and economic outcomes may be achieved when individuals, companies and governments adapt in response to the actual behavior and requirements of their customers and constituents." (*****)

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